Welcome to Funzville

The organizers and staff of the Memphis Cultural Arts Enrichment Center (501c3), through its Positive Images Project, have begun the development of a Memphis based educational television production for children and youth called “Welcome to Funzville”. Written, directed, and produced by Memphis musician Donald O’Conner, “Welcome to Funzville” features a group of children who are citizens from the beautiful, musical city of Funzville. The cast members, known as the “Funzzies”, are students of the WatotoMemphis Academy of the Performing Arts and are all school age children from the greater Memphis area who will inform, enlighten, educate, and address fundamental life concepts, as they entertain (singing, dancing, acting) a multi-generational and cultural audience. The show will target youth ages pre –K through 5th grade, teaching fundamental learning skills, alphabets, numbers, and word recognition. The television audience will also join the Funzzies as they explore the world of animals, plants, and solar system with music, dance and fun.


Funzzies - Episode 1


Funzzies Promo Ads for TBN network






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