FOUNDING PRINCIPLE // Reflecting the love that all children have for performing arts activities and given the rich and historical musical culture of African American people combined with the musical heritage of Memphis, TN, the Watoto Memphis Performing Arts Academy Program for Youth was formed. The program uses African American performing arts forms, literature, and American history as the foundation of its curriculum. Youth of the Watoto program have the unique experience of singing, dancing, and performing their way through American history which has improved their self esteem and self worth.

WATOTO BUTTERFLY (Pre-K & Kindergarten students) // Performing arts are used to improve social and motor skills development while building language and literacy skills.

FUNZZIE I & II (1st – 5th grade) // Introductory and Beginners level vocal, acting, and dance.

WATOTO TEEN // (Middle School - High School) // The aim is to develop a passion for knowledge through historical research of performance materials. Performing arts activities are used to improve academic and social skills development with an emphasis on team work.

WATOTO MEMPHIS AMBASSADOR ENSEMBLE (Advanced level) // Students in this component perform as ambassadors of the Watoto program and the city of Memphis by touring locally, nationally, and internationally.

SUMMER IMACT // The Watoto program conducts an eight week summer arts program which offers its students a fun and enriching arts experience on the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Classes taught by certified and experienced instructors in both the performing and visual arts create an environment that promotes both physical health and cognitive development.


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